BMW Turbo’s E32 – Custom Radiator Shroud

Of late I’ve noticed the coolant can start to rise in temp from the middle mark on the guage when giving it a bit of a boot around the place. I’ve since removed the radiator and had it cleaned and flushed which has helped the issue but I’ve decided that making a radiator shroud will be a good step foward from mounting the 16inch thermo fan directly on to the core. 

I spent a little bit of time deciding how to tackle this as I have bugger all room between the radiator and the fan due to the engine conversion performed on the car. 

Shroud trial fitted to the core 

Detail on how it attaches like factory. Tec screws for trials. 

Completed ready for install, rear has been foam taped to seal against the core, Rivets instead of tec screws. 
[img 3 R] Installed

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